What we do


We offer training for small to medium teams in function programming and/or domain driven design.

Developing software

We are specialised in developing mobile and web applications, primarily with the Microsoft .NET platform.


We help out with ongoing or new projects who would benefit from a functional approach with a business-centered design.


Focusing On What Matters Most

Like software, eight point squared is here to help you with optimising your business.

When your users interact with software, it is very important to give them the best experience possible. Software needs to be there to support your company, not the other way around. This is why you will find a business-oriented approach in all four aspects of our company.

We use the Microsoft .NET platform, more specifically F#, because it brings business and developers closer together. The source code of the software stays compact, and is readable by non-technical people.

We work closely together with you and your business experts by using Domain Driven Design. Domain driven design is a methodology which enables software developers to communicate better with the business, both on a linguistic and technical level.

In order to achieve optimal result, we use a short feedback loop in our project development.

We want to make your company a better place and help people to have a better life in it, by creating software of good quality and organise things that help other developers create quality software.

Our main focus is to help you with your business problems, and create software that will help you focus on what matters in your company.

If you think that your company could benefit from working together with us, please contact us for a free consultation at





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